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Clearsight Lasik Center Review

With over 20,000 satisfied customers to date, Clearsight Lasik Center has established itself as one of the most reliable Lasik centers in Oklahoma City. Under the tutelage of laser eye surgeon Dr. Gary Wilson, the staff and members of Clearsight are given the necessary tools and resources they need to provide the best service possible to their patients. Clearsight is also proud of the fact that as most of their staff members have had the privilege of restored vision through lasik. As such, their knowledge goes beyond the procedure itself and extends to how their patients feel.

Owed to the expertise of Dr. Wilson, who is one of the most trusted refractive surgeons in Oklahoma, Clearsight is the only one of its kind to offer a 20/20 money back guarantee. This is a testament to the confidence and expertise that Clearsight offers its clients. Moreover, Clearsight is the only Lasik center in Oklahoma that has been given the coveted FDA approval for night vision through their Wavelight Eye-Q technology.

Given Clearsight’s extensive experience in the field coupled with a dedicated staff and state of the art technology, many Oklahoma City residents are now seeing the world with a perfect 20/20 vision.

Length of Service

Clearsight’s 17 years of experience in the field has given them the advantage and the expertise to take a pioneering role in refractive surgery.

Services Offered

Lasik surgery is this generation’s most effective tool for vision restoration that does not limit the patient to eye glasses or contact lenses. At Clearsight, they follow a systematic approach to ensure that each patient is a qualified candidate for Lasik, which can help prevent many of the complications that arise from inadequate Lasik screening procedures. Furthermore, Clearsight stays current on the latest technological marvels that make Lasik much more effective and safe.

Ziemer Femtosecond Technology – This is currently the most modern in Lasik blade free technology, ushering in a new level of safety and preciseness to the Lasik procedure. As the Ziemer operates in a fetmosecond, this speed creates microscopic bubbles that eliminate the need for a patient to go under a blade.

Excimer Laser System – This technology though effective is limited by night or low light vision issues, but with the advent of the cutting edge Allegretto Wave Eye-Q technology, refraction errors are corrected while improving night vision capabilities for its patients.

Contact Information
ClearSight Center‎
7101 NW Expressway Suite 335
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
(405) 733-2020